Suras Al-Fatiha to  Taha

Masjid Dar As-Salam
15 MacAleer Drive
Charlottetown, PEI
C1E 2A1

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Daily Prayers at Masjid Dar As-Salam
Charlottetown, PEI

1. Fajr prayer is performed 20 minutes after Athan.
2. Duhr and Asr prayers are performed 15 minutes aftr Athan.
3. Maghrib prayer is performed 5 miutes after Athan.
4. Isha prayer is performed 5 minutes after Athan.
Jumaa (Friday) Prayer starts with Khutba at 1:30 PM.

For monthly prayer times in Charlottetown, click on Calendar-Prayer Time button above.


Click on the Sura to listen on-line or right click to save it to the Hard Drive.

001 -Al-Fatiha

011 -Hoodh

002 -Al-Baqara

012 -Yusuf

003 -Al-Imran


004 -An-Nisa

014 -Ibrahim

005 -Al-Maaida

015 -Hijr

006 -Al-Anaam

016 -An-Nahl

007 -Al-Araaf

017 -Al-Isra

008 -Al-Anfaal

018 -Al-Kahf

009 -At-Tawbah

019 -Maryam

010 -Yunus

020 -Taha



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