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Masjid Dar As-Salam
15 MacAleer Drive
Charlottetown, PEI
C1E 2A1

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Daily Prayers at Masjid Dar As-Salam
Charlottetown, PEI

1. Fajr prayer is performed 20 minutes after Athan.
2. Duhr and Asr prayers are performed 15 minutes aftr Athan.
3. Maghrib prayer is performed 5 miutes after Athan.
4. Isha prayer is performed 5 minutes after Athan.
Jumaa (Friday) Prayer starts with Khutba at 1:30 PM.

For monthly prayer times in Charlottetown, click on Calendar-Prayer Time button above.

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Thus Allah Created the Universe!

Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth
were joined together (as one unit of creation) before We clove them asunder?
We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? (Al-Qur’an 21:30

God the Creator

God is the One Who splits the seed and kernel.
He brings the living from the dead, and is the One
Who brings the dead from the living.
Such is God: yet still you turn away!

Kindler of morn, He grants night for repose,
and the sun and moon for reckoning time.
Such is the measure of the Powerful, the Aware.

He is the One Who has placed the stars
to guide you through darkness on land and on sea.
We have spelled out signs for those who know.

It is He who has produced you from a single soul,
and granted you a home [on Earth]
and a resting place [after death].
We have spelled out signs for those who understand.

It is He who sends down water from the sky. Thus We bring forth plants of every type with it; We produce green [vegetation] from it. We produce grain from it tight-packed on one another, and from the date-palm, clusters close at hand produced from its pollen, orchards full of grapes, olives and pomegranates, which are so similar and yet dissimilar. Look at its fruit as He causes it to grow and ripen. In that are signs for those who believe.

They have set up jinn as associates with God although He created them. They have [even] dared to impute sons and daughters to Him without having any knowledge. Glory be to Him! Exalted is He over what they describe!

Deviser of Heaven and Earth! How can He have a son while He has no consort? He created everything and is Aware of everything.

Such is God, your Lord;
there is no deity except Him,
The Creator of everything,
so serve Him. He is
a Trustee for everything.

[Our] powers of vision do not comprehend Him, while He comprehends [all] vision; He is the Gracious, the Informed. Insights have come to you from your Lord; he who observes [them], it is to his own gain, while he who acts blindly, it is to his own loss. I am not [set up as] a guardian over you.(Al-Qur’an 6: 95-104)


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