Eid Day

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters As you know Eid Day will be on Tuesday, June 4. The Muslim Society has prepared an exciting program. The success of this day will depend on your participation. We hope that as many Muslims as possible will attend the planned events so that we can celebrate this great day as a united community. Please read carefully the following and reply by Monday, May 27, at the latest, with the number of people attending and your payment for Eid supper buffet (see details below).  

Eid Day Program: 8:30 am Takbeer at APM Centre: 37 Lowther Drive in Cornwall (about 15 minutes by car from Charlottetown):

9:00 am Eid Prayer: Please bring your own prayer matPlease bring tea, coffee, and sweets to share after prayer 11:30 am: BBQ at Masjid Dar as-Salam and inflatable castles for the children. Burgers for all and children activity are free. This event will depend on the weather. 

6:30 pm: Eid Supper at APM Centre: 37 Lowther Drive in Cornwall (about 15 minutes by car from Charlottetown). Please make sure you are on time as we will be eating at exactly 6:30 pm.

See Eid supper buffet menu below.   Cost of Eid Supper Buffet: $10 per person. Children under 5 years of age$ 5. We must receive you reservation (number of persons) and payment by Monday 27 at the latest. This will allow us to prepare enough food for everyone and guarantee you a place. The number of people attending Eid supper buffet and payment must be received at the mosque and given to Brother Suleiman or Brother Ahmed by Monday 27 at the latest. Past May 27 we cannot guarantee you a place. Menu Buffet: (Food prepared by Muslim families. All meats are halal)- Chicken Drumsticks (thighs) and Rice- Kebab (made of ground beef)- Manaheesh (type of Middle Eastern pizza with cheese and spices)- Salads: Hummus Salad and Fattoush (https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/fattoush-395481)- Kebba (https://www.fiverr.com/azozy5643/teach-you-how-to-cook-the-lebanese-kebba)- Dessert: Middle Eastern pastries We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you have question or need further details, please e-mail us