Halal Food

What is “Halal”

Read an article on CBC News PEI about Halal Meat.

Grocery Stores

Some grocery and convenience stores have brands like “Zabiha Halal” and “Sufra Halal”

Walmart (Halal beef, chicken, cold cuts, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, burgers etc.)

Superstore (cold cuts, chicken nuggets, burgers, kebab, etc.)

Sobeys (You can order halal beef at the meat section; it usually takes 3 to 4 days to arrive)

No Frills (Halal chicken)


You can ask for sea food or vegan options (and you can ask to remove any alcohol products too)

Some middle eastern or Indian restaurants can arrange halal meals upon request

Also, for large orders, you can arrange with Muslim PEI management and they can refer you to certified butchers and caterers