Community and Religious Activities

  • Eid congregations and prayers (location and timing announced few weeks prior)
  • Jumaa congregation and prayers (check Prayer Times)
  • Daily prayers 5 times a day (check Prayer Times)
  • Legal Islamic marriage and wedding Services
  • Funeral and burial services

Family Potlucks and Parties

  • The exact timings and locations of the below are announced prior to events on the mailing list, website, social media, in Jumaa prayers, and Masjid bulletin boards:
    • Monthly family potlucks for supper on Saturday
    • Daily family potlucks for Iftar on the month of Ramadan
    • Eid family potlucks for breakfast and lunch on Eid (feast) days
    • Barbeque parties on Eid (feast) days
    • Children parties (bouncing castles, inflatables) on Eid (feast) day