Mosque Project

Masjid Dar As-Salam was opened on July 14, 2012 as the first permanent mosque and Islamic Centre on Prince Edward Island. The Muslim community in PEI were less than 100 families in 2012, but they raised more than $700,000 from Muslims and non-Muslims from coast to coast, and those outside of Canada.

Between 2012 and now, the number of Muslim families on the Island had tripled. Masjid Dar As-Salam has served the community for many years as a place of worship, learning, and community relationship building. The Muslim community has grown, and so has the masjid, which has led to the extension project that started with a purchase of the land lot behind the mosque. The pictures below show the history and future of Masjid Dar Al-Salam

2018 – Original Mosque
2019 – 2021 – Phase One – extended parking and Phase Two – expanded mosque
Future – Phase Three – extended parking and Phase Four – Islamic Centre (in orange)

Phase One of the project started in 2019 with an extension of the parking slot to add about 30 parking spaces and it helped streamline parking and traffic around the mosque during times of congregation and events.

Phase Two then came in 2021 with an expansion of the mosque building to increase the capacity of the mosque considering the increasing number of worshipers and the need for more space for community events.

Phase Three started in 2023 with a donation of $80,000 to add 50 parking spaces (a total of 80 cars) as the current parking lot is getting congested, causing inconvenience and safety concerns for Masjid attendees.

The extended parking lot will be on the land behind the mosque on the part adjacent to the current parking lot.

The remaining unpaved land will be large enough and will be planned for the future Island Islamic Centre (a future phase).

The Islamic Centre would normally require a parking lot of its own, but the newly established parking spaces would be more than enough for both the Centre and the mosque.

The specific location and area selected for the extended parking lot is carefully selected:

  • With maximum safety and security considerations
  • Maximizing parking capacity
  • Minimizing maintenance expenses and seasonal wear and tear
  • Close to both the mosque and the future location of the Island Islamic Centre

Phase Four will be planned in the near future in order to establish a complete Islamic Centre including a school and also building another permanent mosque in Summerside.

Everyone is welcomed to work on this enormous project, a huge project in terms of the capability of our community, and that everyone will engage with us effectively and encouragingly. Keeping in mind that we will need the assistance of all the skills of engineers, architects, builders, project managers, and most importantly, fundraisers and marketers.

Donations are always welcome through the Executive Committee of the Muslim Society of PEI or online

May God accept our good deeds as we join hands to fulfill our dream.